Criteria for cargo-worthy inspection and repair


COA Cargo-Worthy

Criteria for cargo-worthy inspection and repair

  1. 1. Introduction

The criteria for Cargo-Worthy (CCW) describes the structural condition of an ISO Dry Freight General Purpose container when assessed to be acceptable for transport on a one-way trip as a shipper owned container (SOC).

Cargo-Worthy criteria is for the use of qualified container inspectors when assessing the container condition and, if found to be necessary, estimating the appropriate Cargo-Worthy repair.

The buyer (new owner) of a Cargo-Worthy container should, at the time of transfer of ownership, carry out a Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) periodic examination in accordance with the new owners approved procedure and display on the safety approval plate the next examination date (NED).

Cargo-Worthy does not take precedence over any contractual terms between parties or include any requirements of neutralisation or remarking.

The major shipping lines and lessors took part in the process to ensure the acceptability of CCW. Individual shipping lines might operate booking acceptance procedures for “SOC” shipper owned containers. These procedures might require actions in addition to Cargo-Worthy criteria. Shippers should contact the shipping line prior to use of the container to determine if any additional requirements.

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Cargo-Worthy criteria is intended for qualified operatives who have completed appropriate technical and health and safety training.

Shippers, operators, carriers, service providers and other users should nevertheless undertake their own risk assessment and ensure the container is fit for purpose, safe and reliable for transport and in accordance with the owners CSC approved procedure and other relevant regulations applicable in the region of use.

The COA and its members and personnel cannot and do not assume any liability for damage to persons or property or other consequences of any procedures referred to herein or of any omissions relating to practices and procedures.

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