20' Opentop

20' Opentop

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Open top containers do not have a solid roof. A weather proof tarpaulin is used, that can be secured with ropes and cable sealing devices. Open tops are designed specially for over height (out of gauge) or bulky cargo. The open top allows cargo, such as machinery, to be loaded with a crane. They are also equipped with rings on the inside to secure cargo with straps for transit.

Especially for: overheight cargo, loading from top side, e.g. by crane loading from door side, e.g. with cargo hanging from overhead tackle. Door header can be swung out on all open top containers. If required, disposable tarpaulins can be provide. For fastening tarpaulins, lashing bars are available on the outside oft he walls. Using one way tarpaulins requires the corner castings to be accessible. Fork-lift pockets on a number of containers. The capacity of the floor for use of fork-lift trucks exceeds the ISO standard by 33% on all 20’ open top containers. Numerous lashing devices on the top and bottom longitudinal rails and the corner posts. Lashing devices have a permissible load of 1.000 kg (2.205 lbs.) each. Note permissible weight limits for road and rail transport.


  • Outside Dimensions: 6,058 x 2,438 x 2591 (mm)

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