20' Refrigerated Container

20' Refrigerated Container

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Especially for cargo which needs constant temperature above or below freezing point. Controlled fresh-air supply is possible. Walls in “sandwich-construction” with Polyurethane foam in order to provide maximum insulation. The reefer unit is a compact-design compressor unit with air-cooled condenser. It switches automatically from cooling to heating-operation (and vice-versa), if a change of the outside temperatures makes it necessary. Please note maximum stowage height in below table and as indicated by red line inside the container in order to ensure proper ventilation. Possible voltages: 380V/50 Hz to 460 V/60 Hz or 200 V/50 Hz to 220 V/60 Hz Permissible temperature setting: + 25°C to –25°C (+77°F to –13°F) The set temperatures can be kept as long the difference between the average outside temperature and cargo temperature does not exceed the following limits: for heating 42°C (76°F) for cooling 65°C (117°F) Note permissible weight limits for road and rail transport.


  • Outside Dimensions: 12,192 x 2,438 x 2,896 (mm)


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