6.Inspection, Survey, and Quality Assurance of Lease Commencement

  • When the Lessor delivers the containers to the Lessee in accordance with the provisions of the Contract, the Lessee shall count and check the quantity, type, and quality of the containers supplied by the Lessor within the period of taking delivery, and sign for them on the Equipment Interchange Receipt. If the number of containers is not in line with the Contract, the Lessee shall be entitled to sign for them only based on the quantity that has been actually taken delivery of. If the type of containers is inconsistent with the Contract, the Lessee shall be entitled to sign for only the part that conforms to the Contract; the Lessor shall take responsibility for repairing or replacing the containers that are not in line with the specified quality standard, and the fees incurred thereby shall be borne by the Lessor. Moreover, the Lessee shall be entitled to make payment only for the quantity that has been actually taken delivery of.
  • When the Lessee takes delivery of the container equipment, it shall survey the quality of the containers and inform the Lessor of any nonconformity discovered.
  • If the Lessee requires the Lessor to act as agent for “Quality-Standard-Based Survey” or “CSC-Standard-Based Inspection”, it shall inform the Lessor at least 2 working days prior to the start of the survey work, so that the Lessor can make an appointment with a survey agency. Unless the Lessee designates a survey agency, the Lessor shall be entitled to select any survey agency with relevant qualifications to conduct survey and issue survey reports, and the Lessee shall pay the Lessor expenses such as survey fees, crane fees, and container recheck charges incurred by the survey. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the Parties, the concrete standards of “Quality-Standard-Based Survey” are the technical specifications and quality standards specified herein.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the signature or seal of the agent appointed by the Lessee on the Outbound Equipment Interchange Receipt suggests that the Lessee has finished the survey and confirmed the delivery by the Lessor and the Lessee has taken delivery of the container equipment conforming to the quality standards.
  • After the Lessee takes delivery of the containers or the period of taking delivery expires, the Lessor shall not assume any liability for the leased containers or cover any loss, damage or claim incurred by any reason such as direct or indirect factor, contingency or necessity, defect or deficiency, and accident.
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