8.Alteration or Cancellation of Individual Contracts

  • If one Party requests to alter or cancel individual contracts, it shall acquire the consent of the other Party, and the Parties shall confirm the alteration or cancellation of individual contracts in writing. If one Party unilaterally alters or cancels individual contracts due to breach of the Contract, the breaching Party shall assume the liabilities for breach of the Contract.
  • After the alteration or cancellation of individual contracts is confirmed by the Parties, if the Lessor has issued or forwarded the Delivery Order to the Lessee, the Lessee must guarantee that the containers that should not be taken delivery of due to the alteration or cancellation of individual contracts will no longer be taken delivery of; if the Lessee has taken delivery of some containers, it shall redeliver the containers to the container yard within the period designated by the Lessor, and the extra fees incurred thereby shall be borne by the breaching Party. The fees incurred by the Lessor in warehousing, survey, taking delivery, transportation, distribution, and delivery for the Lessee shall be borne by the breaching Party.
  • If the containers supplied by the Lessor to the Lessee are specially ordered, customized, processed or produced for the Lessee, the Lessor shall be entitled to stop accepting the Lessee’s request for alteration or cancellation of individual contracts upon the execution of the individual contracts.
  • In the event that the quality of the containers delivered by the Lessor is not in line with the Contract and the Lessor fails to take timely measures such as maintenance and replacement to conform to the agreed standards, the Lessee shall be entitled to cancel individual contracts, ask the Lessor to refund all the rental and deposit, and compensate the Lessee for its direct loss.
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