1.Definition and conclusion of "container leasing contract":

  • "Container leasing contract" means the contract under which the Lessor provides container leasing services to the lessee, the "container leasing services - General terms and conditions", the supplementary terms and (a) a quotation issued by the lessor and accepted by the lessee and finally confirmed by the lessor; Or (b) an order issued by lessee and accepted by lessor.
  • The quotation issued by the lessor, whether confirmed by the lessee or not, shall not constitute an offer made by the lessor. It shall be deemed as an invitation to offer issued by the lessor. The quotation shall be signed and / or stamped with legal authorization seal by the lessee and returned to the lessor in writing, which shall constitute an order issued by the lessee to the lessor.
  • The "container leasing contract" shall be established only after the lessor notifies the lessee by e-mail or other means acceptable to both parties and expressly accepts the lessee's order.
  • In order to clarify respective rights and obligations, the Parties have made and concluded the Contract in Shanghai, China with respect to the leasing business of containers (subject matter) on the basis of equality, consultation, and true intention for mutual compliance.
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